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10:00 - 18:00
ENCG Dakhla 

Le tourisme et le développement durable

As a vital sector of the global economy, tourism has boomed around the world due to competitive prices and the quality of services offered by host countries. The purpose of this first edition of the conference is to examine innovative practices that meet the expectations of a clientele that has become increasingly demanding, in order to help stakeholders diversify their tourism potential. Indeed, the latest UNWTO Barometer states that international tourist arrivals jumped 7% to a total of 1.322 billion. This remarkable boost is expected to continue in 2018, at a rate of 4% to 5% and expected to be doubled by 2020, especially in emerging countries. Europe for example, which received 63% of international arrivals in 1980, will only host 41% in 2030. While emerging destinations that have experienced a decline in attendance in the past, they aim to intensify the reception of tourists by 2030, twice as much as in countries with "advanced economy". To achieve this goal, the concerned countries should necessarily take advantage of new technologies, with a view to developing innovative services and modulating their offers. In this context, Zurab Pololikashvili, the Secretary-General of the UNWTO posits that "harnessing innovation and digital advances provides tourism with opportunities to improve inclusiveness, local community empowerment and efficient resource management, amongst other objectives within the wider sustainable development agenda". This being said, better competitiveness requires focusing efforts on building an original and strong brand image through creativity and innovation that are key challenges for destinations. This event aims to bring together professionals in the tourism sector, experts, institutions and researchers from several disciplines (management, strategy, marketing, geography, economy ...) in order to bring in-depth reflections on the logics of innovation and competitiveness to help stakeholders to improve their tourism potential and become aware of the need to renew their practices on the model of the perpetual developments in the tourism industry in the world. Finally, this conference will also be an occasion of pleasure and relaxation and in this regard, we invite you to discover the charms of the ‘Pearl of the South of Morocco, Dakhla’. Proposals for papers should fit into one of the following thematic axes:

  • Emerging destinations
  • Governance of tourist destinations
  • Competitiveness of tourist destinations
  • Marketing of destinations and tourism products
  • Attractiveness of tourist territories
  • Innovation in the tourism offer
  • Sustainable tourism management
  • Tourism and technological innovation
  • The innovative tourism business
  • Tourism and heritage management
  • Skills management for innovative destinations


Proposals and complete papers must be imperatively sent, in Word format to the following email address: